60. Some Twist Top Goon and a “Safe Level” of Uranium in AUSTRALIA

The Gals are heading Down Under for their stories this week! Bettina begins the episode with the true crime story – the horrible murder of Rachel Barber. Beth lightens things up a bit with a very mysterious story of a son’s death, and a mysterious healing oil that covers the walls of a home in Guildford, Australia. Cheers to our listener’s and special thanks to all our Patrons for buying us a drink this week!

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The Deadly Obsession - The Murder of Rachel Barber • Morbidology
Ever since Rachel Barber was a little girl she loved to dance. She had dreams of dancing in musicals and was well on her way to achieving her dreams until March 1, 1999, when 15 year old Rachel vanished.
Caroline Reed Robertson, who strangled dancer Rachel Barber, freed from  jail | Herald Sun
19 year old Caroline Reed Robertson envied Rachel Barber so much she killed her.
A Malevolent Act – NICNATPAT
Caroline’s diary revealed a very insecure girl.
Caroline Reed Robertson, who strangled dancer Rachel Barber in 1999, freed  on parole | Herald Sun
Caroline was released from prison on Jan 21, 2015, only 16 years after she was convicted of the murder of Rachel. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/caroline-reed-robertson-who-strangled-dancer-rachel-barber-in-1999-freed-on-parole/news-story/5ce7e1bd298fbc40145f6aacf02dbfed
Sydney's Mysterious Miracle House Oozes Oil from Walls, Helps Desperate  Couples Get Pregnant
In September, 2006 George and Lina Tannous of Guildford Australia received the tragic news that their 17 year old son, Mike, had been killed in a car crash. 40 days after the tragic accident occurred strange things started to happen around them in their small 3 bedroom home.
Sydney's Mysterious Miracle House Oozes Oil from Walls, Helps Desperate  Couples Get Pregnant
Extensive testing of the oil has been done over the years. All that has been discovered is that the oil seems to contain water, gold and a safe level of uranium.
People queue to view the weeping walls in the “miracle house”.
People from all over the world visit the “miracle” house, many praying for a miracle of their own. The family never askes for money from people who want to walk through the house. They truly believe this is a sign from God that they want the world to see.






She was OBSESSED with Rachel Barber – Australia SOLVED True Crime Story
Premiered Nov 7, 2020 Melissa Ellen

Sydney miracle house – Paranormal Oil. Is this GOD at work, or something else? – YouTube

(1) MIKE Tannous | Facebook

The Mysterious Australian House of Miracles | Mysterious Universe

Miracle House with weeping walls still welcoming visitors in Guildford (news.com.au)

Sydney’s Mysterious Miracle House Oozes Oil from Walls, Helps Desperate Couples Get Pregnant (odditycentral.com)

Cocktail: Red Wine, 2018 Australian Shiraz from Barossa Valley Estate

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